Comparing The Costs of End of Tenancy Cleaning Companies

You have been quoted two prices for your end of tenancy cleaning of your two bedded apartment. One is 155 and the other is 75 . Wanting to save money and keep your costs as low as possible you go with the company that is charging you only 75. This is only natural and of course very understandable. However when it comes time for the clean you discover that one cleaner turns up on your doorstep having arrived on the bus. Therefore they have no equipment, cleaning materials or cleaning chemicals and ask you were the cleaning ‘stuff’ is? This cleaner has obviously arrived expecting you to come up with a vacuum, mops, cleaning chemicals and cloths. Whoops this was not a question that you asked you just assumed that a cleaning company would supply all the things required to clean! As you have actually moved all your belongings out[…]

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