Comparing The Costs of End of Tenancy Cleaning Companies

You have been quoted two prices for your end of tenancy cleaning of your two bedded apartment. One is 155 and the other is 75 . Wanting to save money and keep your costs as low as possible you go with the company that is charging you only 75. This is only natural and of course very understandable. However when it comes time for the clean you discover that one cleaner turns up on your doorstep having arrived on the bus. Therefore they have no equipment, cleaning materials or cleaning chemicals and ask you were the cleaning ‘stuff’ is?

This cleaner has obviously arrived expecting you to come up with a vacuum, mops, cleaning chemicals and cloths. Whoops this was not a question that you asked you just assumed that a cleaning company would supply all the things required to clean! As you have actually moved all your belongings out there is nothing available so the cleaner turns around and walks off! You contact the company concerned feeling quite angry and are met with a negative response. The end result of this is that you do not get cleaned as you thought and the inspection is upon you. At least 250 is then removed from your deposit and probably more for the agency to get the property cleaned. what do they do? They contact their cleaning company who will charge them 155. However just to make sure they have also ordered an oven clean and a full carpet clean which has now added a further 150 to the bill. It would not be a letting agency if it didn’t add in its own administrative costs for organising this! The minimum they will charge for providing this service is 75. So you end up with a cleaning bill for 380! Perhaps it would after all have been cheaper to go with the more expensive quote?

Consider how the cleaning companies arrive at their pricing structure.

The cheap one first.

Our ’75 company’ have assumed that it will only take one of their cleaners two hours to complete this job and for this the cleaner will be paid 20 and they are booked in to complete a further two cleans that day. This company do not pay their cleaners for any travel expenses or traveling time and they of course have no equipment, material or chemical costs to take account of. The only cost to this company is the labour cost so this company makes a clear profit of 55 on this clean!

What about the more expensive company?

Our more expensive cleaning company have estimated that the cleaning time on this job is four hours for two cleaners. These two cleaners have all the necessary equipment, materials and chemicals to perform their clean. Consequently they must have their own transport. So what are the costs to the company. Their are direct labour costs of 90 which includes both working and travel time. There is also the cost of equipment, let us in this instance put this at only 1, chemical costs could be as high as 5 whilst material costs are likely to be around 4. These are the immediate on site costs and to this must be added the other costs the company has such as insurance, which might be around 5 per clean. These insurances include, public liability, employer liability and employer national insurance costs. There are also the administrative costs of arranging, organising and billing for the clean which would amount to a minimum of 25 for this clean. Consequently this one end of tenancy clean has cost the company 130 to organise and carry out producing a profit of 25 for the cleaning company.

You may be thinking why are material cost so high at 4 for this clean when the only ‘material, being used are cloths? A typical end of tenancy clean such as this might use anything up to 60 of them. If they are disposable cloths then it will be considerably higher than 4. However in this case they are not but do have to be laundered, and this figure takes account of these costs.

At the start we had the cleaner walking away but it may be that you do have some of the necessary things the cleaner requires still at the property so they can get on with the cleaning. They are now using products and equipment they are not necessarily familiar with so how effective will their cleaning be; and this one person has only two hours to finish. In comparison our two cleaners have come armed with products they know how to use and when to use and they have plenty of time to ensure that their cleaning is thorough and comprehensive. Which one of these are you going to trust with ensuring you get your deposit back?

Should you ever be in the position of requiring an end of tenancy clean no matter what the size or complexity of the property you now know what sort of questions you should be asking the cleaning company before ever accepting a quote. The cheapest may not turn out to be the cheapest in the end!

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