How Do Commercial Cleaning Companies Bid On Accounts?

Did you ever wonder how did your cleaning contractor came up with the price he or she quoted for your business? Perhaps as a start-up commercial cleaning company, office cleaner or a commercial cleaning service are you puzzled as to how to go about in charging a potential client? Well search no more! Here is some insight in to how the professional cleaning contractors decide how much to charge a client.

Following are the findings of a survey conducted to explore how commercial cleaning companies bid on accounts.

More than 73% of the commercial cleaning companies said they base their bids on a combination of 3 factors. 1. The square footage of the building 2. Time taken to clean 3. The number of people needed to service the location

According to Jolynn Kennedy, Marketing Director for professional cleaning equipment manufacturer Tornado Industries in USA, to his surprise half of the commercial cleaning companies or BSCs questioned do not follow up with prospects if their bid was not accepted. Jolynn Kennedy also says “That feedback could help them win the next bid”.

Among the other findings of the survey were the following:

Some 64% of cleaning contractors who responded said they base their bids on what they are charging current customers and not necessarily on current rates charged by other commercial cleaning companies in their communities.

About 47% of commercial cleaning companies who participated in the survey said they do not ask customers how much they are currently paying for commercial cleaning services; 40% said they sometimes ask; 13% said they always ask.

As to presenting their bids, 60% of cleaning companies said they make appointments with customers and hand deliver their bids; a third send bids via e-mail; the rest deliver bids using a priority or overnight delivery service.

Over half of commercial cleaning companies said their contracts are either annual or on a month-to-month basis; a third have only annual contracts; the rest have only month-to-month agreements with their clients.

Finally, more than a third of respondents said they submit three or four bids per month; 27% submit one to two bids each month; the rest indicated they submit fewer than 10 bids per year.

Furthermore, If you want to accurately estimate the time it takes to clean a building then you need to know how to workload. Workloading assists you to estimate how much work can be done by a worker in a specified time period. For example, how many square feet can be vacuumed in an hour when using a back pack vacuum?

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