Why you should make use of Cleaning Companies London for your building?

One of the most difficult duties when it comes to building maintenance is certainly cleaning. If you are a building owner, you may attest to the fact that without trustworthy cleaning services, your property can quickly decrease in value and also put off clients. As a business owner too, you have to win over your clients by using Cleaning Companies London with a reputation in the field.

It does not matter if you own a small or big company, the bottom line still stays the same; a contract cleaning firm is much better than having in-house workers to supervise this component of your company. Below are a few issues about office Cleaning Companies London and the services they offer that you need to fully understand. These can assist you appreciate the function they play in enhancing the image of your business.

For a start, you need to know the variety of services that different cleaning agencies provide. The janitorial services for instance include clearing of dust bin, rug shampooing, furniture cleaning and also polishing, window dusting, floor scrubbing, air vent cleaning and more.

Additionally, your organization can benefit from office cleaning services which include power cleaning and vacuuming. These services are available to any types of building starting from apartments, medical facilities, office blocks, shops to dining places and many others. Generally, an expert cleaning agency has all sorts of things for everyone and most of these specialists may even alter their services to cater for your specific requirements.

There are many benefits of employing these qualified cleaners for your business or establishment. First of all, they have the experience in this field. After examining your requirements, these specialists will get down to business methodically and in no time, they will be finished hence saving you time as well as minimizing any kind of inconveniences. This experience may also minimize damages on your building which a novice cleaner will definitely cause. This therefore will save your business any repair charges.

Competent companies also have the resources required to accomplish this work proficiently. Some cleaning tools are not only sophisticated but also expensive to purchase. Yet, these companies already have these resources and by employing them, you will have a guarantee of wonderful services. In the same breath, the commercial solutions they use have already been evaluated over time and will thus work immediately without posing any dangers to the occupants of the property.

With this particular information, the question becomes how to choose the most beneficial cleaning service. There are thousands of companies in every town and the first thing to watch out for is skills. Try to look for companies which have served many other clients within your area and also analyze their portfolio. In addition, look for a company which is licensed and whose services are bonded and insured. This will guarantee no responsibility on your side in the event of accidents during cleaning.

Another thing to think about while hiring a cleaning service is overall flexibility. Always employ a cleaning firm that is ready to personalize its services and hours of work to fit your demands. For example, an agency that cleans during off-hours is better than the one which disrupts company hours. Your regional Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation could also determine the dependability of any company. So, move ahead and refresh your building by hiring a highly regarded commercial cleaning agency.

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2014 – Panama Canal Transit – Maersk Kiera – 1 of 3
cleaning companies
Image by Ted’s photos – Returns Late September
Gatun lake was very busy with ships heading in both directions. When you put 40+ ships per day in a 50 mile canal that’s what you get? Coming, going, parked waiting for a time slot—–

The Kiera crew must have been on a rest break!! Maybe they are inside taking a "How to be responsible seafarers" course?

05 OCTOBER 2013

One of the biggest shipping companies in the world has been prosecuted for dumping waste in Cornish waters after being captured on satellite, in what has been called a landmark case in the battle against the pollution of the seas.

A Singaporean-registered Maersk Group tanker was found guilty and fined £22,500 yesterday for dumping a mixture of palm oil and tank cleaning fluid within 12 miles of Land’s End last year – leaving a slick 20 miles long.

The unique trial at Truro Magistrates Court has been highlighted as the first time satellite footage has been used by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency in the prosecution of a company for dumping waste illegally in the UK.

The agency, which is responsible for protecting the nation’s shoreline, had previously been reliant on eyewitness accounts from passing planes and ships for its prosecutions and said the use of satellite was a new “weapon” in their “armoury”.

The news is expected to please environmentalists too – especially in light of the high-profile PIB scandal earlier this year which left thousands of seabirds dead after they washed up covered in the “sticky substance” along the Westcountry coastline.

Captain Andrew Phillips, the investigating officer in the MCA’s enforcement unit, said it wouldn’t have been able to lead the prosecution if it was not for the satellite.

“Polluters beware,” he said. ”The sea’s not a dumping ground and we’ve got the means prosecute you.

“(In the past) we would not have known anything had been going on, up until now all of our cases have relied on eyewitness evidence or self reporting.

“Where we have the clear evidence the MCA will take legal action. (The new satellite footage means that) one we can find the polluters, two we can identify them.

“Up until now we were reliant on passing planes and ships reporting to us, where as this gives us UK wide coverage.

“It’s another weapon in our armoury.”

The case in Truro yesterday afternoon represented the first time satellite footage passed to the MCA by the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) had been used in a successful conviction.

Speaking in court for the prosecution, Kevin Elliott, said the MCA had first been alerted by EMSA on February 25 2012 after its satellites detected the tanker Maersk Kiera, registered to Singapore Private Ltd, trailing a slick.

Falmouth Coastguard had contacted the ship but were told on two occasions by its second officer that it was not trailing a slick.

In a third correspondence, the master of the ship, which was travelling between Liverpool and Latvia, confirmed that tank cleaning and associated discharge of palm oil was being undertaken, however it was outside the 12 mile restriction.

He said that further communications were made between the operators and MCA but it took 14 months for the company to eventually admit to a breach of UK Pollution Legislation.

He said: “The rules with limits are there for a reason and a decision was taken by Parliament and the European Convention that this sort of discharge taking place within 12 miles will have a detrimental effect on the environment.

“The propensity to cause pollution and damage was great.”

Speaking for the defence, Joe Quain said that although the slick was 20 miles long, only eight to ten miles was inside the 12 mile limit.

He said that it discharged around 75 cubic metres of waste solution within the limits, which included tank cleaning solution and up to 26 litres of palm oil.

But Mr Elliott said although there was no direct evidence for the damage caused by the pollution but that the potential was great.

John Richardson, the chairman of the bench, fined the owners of the Maersk Kiera, Maersk Tankers Singapore Pte Limited, £15,000 with a £120 victim surcharge and prosecution costs of £7,404.88.

Sentencing, he said: “Regulations against discharge are there for a good reason.

“There has been little real mitigation offered by the defence. This is a medium to high risk case.”

Captain Jeremy Smart, head of enforcement at the MCA, said: “This is the first time satellite imagery has been successfully used as primary evidence in a maritime pollution prosecution by the MCA.

“The agency will use all means available to identify and prosecute those carrying out illegal discharges..”

Read more: www.westernmorningnews.co.uk/Tanker-spied-space-polluting…
Read more at www.westernmorningnews.co.uk/Tanker-spied-space-polluting…

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Summer DWT: 39724 t
Build: 2011

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